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corrina page is a fictional character made up entirely in my imagination. any resemblance to real people, places, and/or things is completely coincidental and should be taken as such.

WARNING: The following may contain adult oriented material.

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with open arms and a smiling countenance i embrace you, awaiting the moment when i can plunge my canines into the soft flesh of your throat and initiate you into my world...

corrina page

<%=$p%>april 9, 2000

this new city. i creep in the night and watch stars. the city never quiets. construction going on all hours of the night, even in the night, lights glaring through timid windows. deep, heavy machinery grinding into the earth and stirring up dust that seeps into everything even through the sills of closed windows. you can't get the dust out. trapped under fingernails, between toes. rubbing my tongue across my teeth during the day i can feel it. grit and sand and dust. rough and dry tasting. a little like exhaust. <%=$p%>if i don't sleep at night i'm sitting on the roof. the cold air keeps me awake. there's always a spot in the city that's cold no matter what the weather. it seems stubborn that way. even on the nicest day, you can freeze your ass off. hungry for warmth and rain.

<%=$p%>next door, a jazz band plays all night. dense, eery music. when it rains, the streets are loud. car horns rage. angry and lusty. i love my new home.

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