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corrina page

August 1, 1996

Gabe asked me how I got that scratch on my cheek. I told him some bitch started a fight with me at the bar. He asked over what. I said that she called me a slut because her man threw me a glance, and I called her a fat, ugly whore, and she came over and wanted to fight. I told him I bloodied her nose. He said I should be more careful.

August 3, 1996
Gabe took me to a strip club last night! He was so thrilled that I was so thrilled about going. I havenít been to a strip club in so long - I was so excited. We went to some high class stripper joint, I canít remember the name of it, but drinks were like 12 bucks. But a very sheik place, and very gorgeous, large chested women running around half naked and/or getting naked. I loved it. He bought me a lap dance and the whole place watched as the dancer pushed her breasts into my face and rubbed herself all over me - I was so drunk I couldnít even sit still - she almost knocked me off of my seat with her leg. God, and when we got home he was all over me - you wouldíve thought he was 17 doing it for the first time. And damn, heís good. Weíll have to go there more often - better yet well weíll see what a good boy he is.

August 6, 1996
I ran into Celeste at the grocery store - her implants look great. She said they hurt like a bitch, but that her new tits were worth it. I guess she really likes them. She told me Karen got herself pregnant - the dadís some fucking white trash truck driver, and that Steve was doing some 50 year old - goddamn gigilo. Celeste is always good for gossip. She told me, too, that some teacher from our high school just got kicked out because heíd done some porn movies - thatís pretty cool, I always thought he was pretty liberal. But thatís so fucking stupid that they kicked him out for that - I mean he did that ages ago. Who cares if he was a porn star back in his golden days? Fuck the school board.

August 8, 1996
The trash guy made a pass at me while I went to throw the trash out. Christ, thatís brainless.

August 9, 1996
I went to the mall after work and bought a cute little black mini skirt and a grey top - itís pretty cute I think. Also bought a toaster oven for Gabe.

August 10, 1996
Went swimming today - it was great. Itís been so fucking hot all day. As a matter of fact, itís too frigginí hot to sit here.

August 15, 1996
Oooh, I saw a dead cat on the road today. It looked like it had just gotten hit. It was really, really sad. I donít know what the hell is with Gabe - he hasnít called me in three days. I guess it doesnít matter though cause I met someone at the grocery store today (how cheesy) but heís pretty cool. Heís into body modification. Heís got those things in his earlobes (I donít know what the hell theyíre called), but you know, those things that stretch out the lobe - it looks pretty cool. And heís got his nipple pierced two ways - like an X, and heís got this cool, really ornate, silver jewelry thing in it - it looks kind of Celtic. And heís gorgeous.

August 18, 1996

Gabe called me! O.k., so I care more than I sounded like I did a few days ago, but I have to admit, Iíve got it pretty good with Gabe. He said he was sick and stuff and was sorry he didnít call. I told him I would have come over and helped him feel better if he would have called. He just laughed. The new guyís name is Jason (the one from the grocery store), and I guess Iím seeing this Saturday, he wants to take me dancing. Wonder how thatíll turn out. Oh, I went to the Station yesterday, and picked up on a cute guy at the bar. I brought him to my place - I had on a blonde wig and my colored contacts and wore some funky outfit hoping that I wonít be very identifiable, anyway, I brought him here and turned up Nine Inch Nails super loud and sucked his blood. Very slowly, and while we were fucking. He smiled and moaned - I donít think he had any idea I was about to kill him. At least he came before he died.

August 24, 1996

I read about that guy in the paper yesterday. His name was Tyler something or other. He had a wife, but no kids (what a slut - cheating on his wife - he deserved to die). I guess his familyís all up in arms, and theyíre really on the police to find someone so the cops are digging into it. So far, so good for me though, cause no oneís stopped in here, though I really donít think they will. I had a rental car that night and was using my fake I.D. Besides, I wonder if anyone was even sober enough to remember anything that went on that night let alone who some stranger went home with. Weíll see.

August 26, 1996

Gabe brought me a box of lingerie. Black, sheer, very soft and cool to the touch. And he brought me some chocolate - he kept saying he was sorry he didnít call me when he was sick. I told him he was being silly, and that it was no big deal really, but hey, I donít mind - if he wants to spoil me, he can go right ahead. We talked about our families tonight. I guess his momís some psychologist. When she first got her degree he was 18 and his sister was 15, and she decided that both of them had ADD and decided to put them on ritalin. He took it for a little while, but he said he felt like he was tweaking all the time so quit taking them. Good for him - psychoactive drugs can never be too good unless you really need them I guess. I told him how my mother was crazy and probably needed a good psychologist. He laughed. He has no clue - itís hardly funny. He wouldnít be laughing if he had grown up with her thatís for sure.

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