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with open arms and a smiling countenance i embrace you, awaiting the moment when i can plunge my canines into the soft flesh of your throat and initiate you into my world...

corrina page

July 3, 1996

It's been three days and I haven't seen another dead animal yet. I think everything'll be o.k - I shouldn've know that I'd be fine, I was just being silly.

July 5, 1996

The fourth passed with no big hoopla. Gabe came over and we barbequed stuff. Went to the beach before the sun went down - along with a million other people. Fireworks, cops, and drunk assholes - that's what holidays are all about.

July 6, 1996

Gabe spent the night last night - he's been doing that a lot lately, but I don't mind. He's a good conversationalist, too, which makes him all the more fun to have around. And I really like him. We went to the sex shop today, and he let me buy him a little penis harness. He said he'd never had one before and he kind blushed when I suggested it, but in the end he was agreeable. I like that. I made him try it on as soon as we got home - I had to coax him into it by promising him special treats, but once he got it on it looked so heavenly. Men were meant to wear black leather and nothing but.

July 7, 1996

Gabe spent the whole weekend with me. He almost left this morning cause I tied him in the closet and left him in there by himself for half an hour. I talked him into letting me tie him up by telling him how sexy he would look - it would only be for a second. I made him take his boxers off, then tied the rope around his upper arms. Afterwards, I pulled his arms up behind him so he was bent over and tied the rope to the clothes rod in the closet. Then I closed the door and walked away. I made sure the knots were tight - I'm pretty good at that. He was quiet for a while just waiting for me to come back, but when he heard me turn on the TV, he started asking me what the fuck I was doing. I told him he had to be quiet for a while then I'd let him out, but he started kicking and yelling, so I had to go over and tie his legs together, too. I told him if he wanted out he better shut the fuck up. He kept yelling for another ten minutes longer, then I think he realized it would be futile and just shut up. After several minutes of silence I went over and started touching him. He was still mad and was quiet as hell, but I just kept rubbing his back and his legs and his nice ass, and soon he softened right up (or I mean hardened up). I left him tied up and blew him, and only untied him after he came. He picked me up and threw me on the bed after I let him out of the closet, and said he was going to leave - I told him go ahead. He didn't though. I've definitely got a keeper here.

July 10, 1996

The office was a mess today - half the office is on vacation, the other half called in sick, and I had to not only turn in my stuff before my deadline, but had to improvise on Kellyís part of our project - Iím sorry, but I canít just write on demand. The stuff turned out like shit and theyíre pissed at me - well, if youíd let me just stick to my deadline, everything wouldíve been fine, and if that bitch, Kelly, wouldnít call in sick every gorgeous day this fucking summer, Iíd have a partner to help me out in these stupid, meaningless projects! Damn cunt.

July 11, 1996

Gabe hasnít mentioned that incident that took place in the closet. But I doubt itís because heís forgotten about it. Heís been awful sweet lately. He brought lunch to my desk the other day, and dropped it off with a smile, and a wild flower he picked from somewhere - weíre trying to keep it quiet in the office about us seeing each other - you know how gossip spreads like the plague in the workplace. Very cute.

July 13, 1996

I went out and fed last night. On a man, unfortunately a stinky, sleazy, slimy man. I didnít go out hunting for him - he kind of came to me - the bastard was trying to steal my car. I caught him by surprise, and he told me to get in the car. I was deathly afraid at first - he had a gun, and nothing like this has ever happened to me before. He grabbed me and pushed me in the car, and he took off. I couldnít even tell where he was going, I felt like I was paralyzed and all I could do was stare at that gun. He was talking to me, but it was like I didnít even know what he was saying. Then I saw myself in the sideview mirror as I turned my head, and it was like seeing myself from outside my body, and I just snapped out of it. My mind went clear all of a sudden, and I could feel that hunger inside - it was like my tummy growled, but it was more like all of my body growled, and I wanted to feast. For 5 more minutes I was silent. I sat very still, thinking about what I should do. But he made my decision for me, and he made it very easy. He pulled over into some alley - I still wasnít quite sure where we were, but I didnít care, it was dark, and empty and thatís all that mattered. He pushed the gun into my side, and dragged me closer by my jacket collar, and he had on this disgusting smile - yellow, cigarette stained teeth, and one of his molars was chipped slightly. And he muttered something like an animal, and started to paw me. I tensed up, but stayed quiet with my eyes closed, and when I could feel his hair on my cheek and him nuzzling my neck, I grabbed him by the throat and bit. It was swift, and, unfortunately, painless. His blood was more metallic than Iíve tasted before. I dumped him out of the car and went home. I wasnít scared or worried afterwards. In fact, I felt very powerful, and I liked it.

July 17, 1996

Mmmmm. I woke up this morning after having this great dream. I dreamt that Uma Thurman was licking my back all night long, and her long, blonde hair was gently grazing my back the whole time she was doing it - she was on all fours, straddling my back and she looked very much like a cat - a very sexy, yummy cat.

July 20, 1996

Gabe finally came over. Weíve been really busy at work so we havenít seen each other in a while. He brought wine, and we got drunk and fucked all night long. I asked him to blindfold me and he happily agreed - he even picked out the scarf he wanted to blindfold me with - it seems that maybe heís thought this thing out - god, I just learn to like him more and more.

July 22, 1996

Damn. My periodís 2 days late. Iím on the pill - I should never be late.

July 24, 1996

Thank the lord - I got my period yesterday! Boy I had a real scare there - Iíve been on the pill forever, but you know, nothingís a hundred percent protection against pregnancy. Weíve been real careful, I mean Iíve learned my lesson about screwing around. Gabe always wears a condom, I donít know what Iíd do if I got pregnant, or worse - AIDS or something. Jesus. It certainly - wait, what the fuck am I worried about? I still forget Iím not simply mortal anymore. But, I can still get pregnant. And Iím too young for that. I wonder if Iíll ever stop getting my period? Christ, that would suck if I just bled once a month for the rest of eternity.

July 26, 1996

Last night Gabe had dinner with his grandmother and then came over to my place. I love food - sheís a gourmet chef. I made him tell me all about what she made for dinner while he was inside of me - roasted peppers with the skins peeled off, topped with cheese and vinegar, lamb basted in tangy juices, with pineapples and green onions, chocolate mouse layered with a sour creamy filling and raspberries, oh god it sounded so yummy. He thought it was funny it turned me on so much, but he didnít mind.

July 30, 1996

I fed again. I was at the bar after work - I needed a break, I worked my butt off to get that assignment done and I needed a fucking drink. Anyway, this gorgeous little redhead picked up on me - a tiny figure, good tone, perky breasts. We talked. She told me sheíd just moved here from Boston and hadnít really been around much. I guess she dumped her fiance a couple months before the wedding - he was porking his neighborís 17 year old daughter. She overheard the girl talking about him at the clothing store she worked at and it was all over. She dumped the bastard (thereís nothing worse than a lying, cheating whore be it male or female) and moved out here - figured the change would be good. She had a nice little ass and tight stomach and the yummiest blood Iíve ever tasted. I told her Iíd take her to see the beach, and I walked her out to the water and took her on the wet sand. It was cold, but her blood warmed me. She kicked and scratched back, but the sea washed away all traces of the struggle, and the sand was smooth and cold once more.

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