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corrina page is a fictional character made up entirely in my imagination. any resemblance to real people, places, and/or things is completely coincidental and should be taken as such.

WARNING: The following may contain adult oriented material.

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with open arms and a smiling countenance i embrace you, awaiting the moment when i can plunge my canines into the soft flesh of your throat and initiate you into my world...

corrina page

october 6, 1998's been a while since i've picked up this old thing. i went reading through the stuff from 2 years ago and i was such a baby. if you only knew about the things i've done since then. well, maybe i'll let you know bit by bit. actually, i was driving today and saw this possum on the side of the road, just frozen in my headlights and the headlights of the cars behind me. he was kind of hunched over with that long nosed, snouty face of his and looked freaky. god, remember when i used to feed on possums? what the hell was i thinking then? ah, but i was such the innocent purist wasn't i? always afraid of becoming demonic in my vampirism. ha, well i have, haven't i? maybe just a bit. but shhhhh, that's our little secret.

october 19, 1998

i was at the computer store today. i love it. i put on my confused face and men come running at me to help me. they think i'm so dumb, and i just let them think that because it makes them feel good. i've discovered that large computer stores are a great place to pick up men. i went to fry's just this weekend and picked up a pretty decent specimen. not bad looking, just a little shy. i actually approached him asking him about memory for my computer. you can't ask them about anything more complex than memory because either they won't have a clue, or if they do they'll get suspicious of you. so memory's usually my bait. and he bit big time. oh and he knew lots about ram and wanted to tell me all about it. so i asked him if he'd like to come home and look at my machine, and boy did he ever. when i got him home, i didn't even let him say a word. i tore off my shirt and when his mouth dropped, i went in for the kill.

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