today on electra's web <%=$p%>february 16, 2000
<%=$sp4%>updated me

<%=$p%>february 11, 2000
<%=$sp4%>my son kicks ass

<%=$p%>february 10, 2000
<%=$sp4%>i'm losing it

<%=$p%>february 6, 2000
<%=$sp4%>i'm moving!!

<%=$p%>january 25, 2000
<%=$sp4%>updates: hey call me and i'll talk smoking with you...oooooohhhh

<%=$p%>january 23, 2000
updates: me & corrina

<%=$p%>january 22, 2000
updates: me & corrina

<%=$p%>january 18, 2000
no updates today, but i did go through and reorg the site and fixed all (or at least almost all) bad links - internal links that is - i haven't checked the links on the fetish links and corset links pages yet.

<%=$p%>january 17, 2000
i've updated corrina and the me page and have been reading books like no tomorrow.

<%=$p%> charcoal (my rat) came out of surgery just fine. i was very excited about that. i called my vet at 3 on friday like i was supposed to, and the gal up front told me he was fine (so i was relieved), then put the doctor on the phone who said she hadn't done the surgery yet cause she wanted to make sure i knew that he might die, then said stuff about how big the tumor was and how it might be in the muscle of his leg and they might have to amputate the leg and it's cruel to make a rat live with only three legs (so i was upset), but she would do the surgery and wouldn't amputate the leg if it came to that and she cut him open, removed 2.5 ounces of tumor (he now weighs a grand total of 16 ounces), didn't have to cut his leg off and he's just fine. he's got what looks like 20 stitches on his leg and a funny little homemade collar fashioned out of un-exposed x-ray film around his neck. he hates it and uses it to scoop up his poop and smear it everywhere in protest of it.

<%=$p%>my cat, sophie, who got spayed on the same day, came home pissed as all hell and will barely even come near me now, much less come out from under the bed. so all that pet trauma for a mere $323. lucky fucking me. my web boot camp classes have been fun (your standards of fun may vary). today was a killer boring day, but i made it without falling asleep. woohoo.

<%=$p%>january 11, 2000
updated the me page - added a bunch of new books and the first book review. and of course, corrina.

<%=$p%> well, i'm back. i guess i'll try updating the site again. the holidays were hectic (when are they not?) and the new year rollover was smooth (big surprise). i started a new job yesterday - woohoo! more money and lots of training. actually i'm in training my first two weeks. i'm the only girl in a tiny room full of guys - i love this field. they're all very nice fellas and they're all internal. it's a web boot camp - you know one of those intensive, let's-shove-6-weeks-of-work-into-2 kind of deals. most of this week is review for me, though i've already learned some new stuff and i think next week they go over com and xml and i haven't worked much with com objects yet and have never used xml, though i've read about it (how you can avoid it?). the instructor's cool, but tomorrow's his last day and then we have other instructors coming in the rest of the time. i'm enjoying myself. what else is there?

<%=$p%>well, maybe just my rat. he's going in for surgery friday. send him good thoughts. he's got a tumor the size of a golf ball on his hind leg and it's starting to bleed. the vet told me to put neosporin on it and i did a couple times, but now i'm afraid if i touch it, it'll hurt him. he tried to bite me the other day - not hard at all, but he's never bitten anyone, and my heart just breaks for him. i don't know what i'd do if anything happened to him friday.

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