August 8, 1997
Unfortunately, because I neglected to check my email account for about two months, it got turned off. I turned it back on, but whatever mail I had is gone. So sorry if I didn't get back to you, but feel free to mail me.

July 4, 1997
Hey, Happy Independence Day! I'm obviously not doing anything. Updated the fetish store directory page and the fetish links page to the new layout. I'm going to defcom next weekend in Vegas and they're having some latex party Saturday night so I'll tell you all about it next week.

June 13, 1997
Friday the 13th - woohoo. Updated the today page to the new layout. I'm quitting my job so expect lots of updates soon!

June 12, 1997
Added a horoscope page where you can check your horoscope! And added the new layout and background for the site, but only two of the pages currently are done (the main page, and the horoscope page). I'm planning big revisions, so keep looking. And let me know by emailing me if I need to update anything.

May 16, 1997
Check out the cool summer fetish events. There's lots to do and see and get naked for! And finally, an update to my work page -- find out what I'm doing at work and who I'm pissed off at now.

April 16, 1997
Hey, it's almost time for Ms. Antoinette's Dressed to Thrill Fetish Ball again! More about my thumb.

April 15, 1997
Tax Day! Take your mind off the IRS and start thinking about summer Fetish Events -- the Montreal Fetish Festival coming up in June!

March 20, 1997
Whew, it's been a while since I've touched my page, but added a couple updates today. The dirty little secret of my thumb. And the horrors of grad school aps.

December 30, 1996
I have to add this link to the Mighty Grapholina's Website. She's got me trapped in her dungeon for a while (hey, I don't mind being submissive every once in a while!). Come join me. As for my site - I had really impressive dreams the other night, and read some more about my boyfriend's obsession.

December 27, 1996
Hey - Christmas is over - woohoo! So I updated a few pages for you as a gift. My school page - find out how I was so rudely awakened the other night, my work page - hey, I'm moving up in the world! And find out my boyfriend's latest obsession.

December 20, 1996
If you love me, you'll come join me for my birthday!!

December 17, 1996
So, isn't this what you guys have all been waiting for? Yeah, right. Anyway, finally a big addition to Electra's Web. I updated several pages: the 2 latest entries on the work page, an entry added to the misc. page - that entry is actually located on its own page if you want to go directly there - it's at 12_16.html, and finally, a new entry on my school page.

December 8, 1996
Another weekend in the office - lots of fun. It's not like I don't have finals to study for or anything like that, of course, but hey, what's a working girl to do? Well, I've got my Christmas page done. It's not finished yet, I'm going to change the background and fill it with more cute graphics just as soon as I'm done with finals next Friday!

November 6, 1996
Hey, I updated the work page and the school page and I even updated my CollegePark 1300 page - the housing page (scroll down to the bottom). Sorry about Corrina - she'll be back soon.

October 19, 1996
Sorry - I lied. Corrina won't be done til next weekend (hopefully), but there's a new story for you guys to read.

October 4, 1996
I added a bunch of pictures that I've been meaning to add forever. They're linked off of the Me page - just go there and click on the picture. Or go directly to a picture of me! There's pictures of me and my boyfriend going to the Fetish Ball and other misc. crap.

October 2, 1996
Made a small update to Corrina's Diary. By this weekend I will completely update her diary to the present. I've had a small depressed period, but am starting to cheer up a lot so I've been super creative and chock full of good material. Turned in my first assignment in my fiction class and can't wait to be torn to bits in the class discussion on my piece this Friday.

September 23, 1996
Went to Las Vegas this weekend and met a totally cool cabbie.

September 18, 1996
Made a change to my housing page which was at my USC site and is now at CollegePark 1300. I also made a huge change to John's site at SunsetStrip 1111 (which is actually my page since I'm still trying to goad him into making some time to add something to it) .

September 16, 1996
Made minor additions to the school page and bought a drill last week!!

September 10, 1996
An update to the work page!

September 4, 1996
I made an update to my anti-University housing page at USC and added a story to my stories page. I really want to update Corrina's page in a bad way, but haven't had the time. I've been working on the corset article, too, but again time has been elusive. If you write me and bug me to death about updating, it'll motivate me. And Stig - Corrina will try to meet you, I promise.

August 27, 1996
Sorry I haven't updated in 2 weeks, I've been working on a friend's page - go check it out, it's at SunsetStrip 1111. It's pretty simple right now, but will soon be fixed up. I added something today to my work page and my school page.

August 16, 1996
Wanna know what I did last night?

August 13, 1996
Corrina's Diary has been updated. Also finally put up my web pages at USC - it's all about the woes of living in University housing.

August 12, 1996
The one year anniversary of Jerry Garcia was last Friday. I added something to the stories page in remembrance of him. And I promise to update Corrina's page this week.

August 8, 1996
Update on the work page and the last update about my classes until the end of August when I start school again.

August 7, 1996
I added a new story to the stories page: "Cadaver Meat" - note: this story is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. And the fetish page is now divided into three parts: fetish, electra, and fetish fiction (the last two segments were just added today). Next week there will be an article on corsets and in the weeks to come there will be interviews and more articles. Write me if you have any suggestions or anything you want to submit.

August 6, 1996
The Fetish Ball is now on it's own page, as is the feedback form . New additions to the Fetish page and to Corrina's Diary will take place within the next couple days.

August 5, 1996
The date for Stilleto has been set for October 6, 1996. Check out the current events page for more info.

August 2, 1996
The Fetish Ball was great - go read about it. This is the preliminary write up - I'll fix it up when I get more time (after this weekend). I may not remember everything exactly, so if you were there and want to correct me on anything, just write me.

July 30, 1996
I have a 12 page final paper due on Thursday, so I won't be adding anything to this site until after then. I did add some new backgrounds to Electra's Backgrounds, though.

July 26, 1996
Guess what I wore to work today!! Tomorrow is the Fetish Ball - I'll be there - don't forget to go!

July 25, 1996
Corrina's Diary has finally been updated!

July 24, 1996
Had a icky run in yesterday morning. Got my paper back in class. And I miss my boyfriend!!

July 22, 1996
I added this page to Electra's Web today. It'll be like a quick daily log where I can briefly mention the newest stuff on the site and the thought for the day type of thing. Also made an addition to the sex page, as well as the work page.

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