december 1, 1998
hey, thanksgiving just passed! found out about my thanksgiving and tell me about yours!

november 19, 1998
i love coming to my site and not seeing those rotten geocities banner ads pop up all the time. i've added some new links to the corset links page and have started on a new corset article - my first week in a corset. email me if you want me to email you when that's up. and i'm working on getting more corset pictures for thesite. (i'm on a corset kick right now, i promise i'll cover other issues soon). if you want to send me pictures for the site, please do - check out this page tosee how you can get a hold of me and send me stuff. if you get in contact with me, i'll let you know swhat i can do for you in exchange for the pictures (i don't mean personal services).

november 7, 1998
i was finally able to see my own domain from my home. very exciting!! i've got a ton of projects planned for it. but first there are a lot of maintenance issues that i'm currently dealing with. once i get done, we'll be back to operating a frequently (if not daily) updated site. i love this site and i appreciate all my visitors that come back and enjoy it. i love getting email and would love for you to contact me.

november 4, 1998 has finally been set up. it's on a temporary server for the time being, but it's my own domain - woohoo! not everyone will be able to see it yet becase not all of the internet has been updated to go to the new ip address. it was registered at a server so some of you may still see the register-it page when you go to my domain. i haven't been able to see it at home yet (i'm with cox), but i've seen it at work (they're with deltanet) so if you don't see it, try it again in a couple days and it should be there. for the time being this site will be an exact mirror site. eventually, all the new content will be over on my new domain. in the meanwhile, if you're sick of geocities ads and can get to my new domain, go have yourself an ad-free experience there. enjoy yourself and have a pervy day.

november 1, 1998
i've been updating my journal and corrina's diary and neglecting to put it up here so go find out what i did last night and what nastiness corrina's been up to.

october 19, 1998
well, aren't you guys lucky doggies! i've updated both my journal, and corrina's diary both on the same day. god it must be christmas!

october 6, 1998
corrina's diary is in full bloody swing again. i know it's the most popular section of my site, and unfortunately, the most neglected as well. but i'm going to give a try again to keep it updated.

august 12, 1998
updated my journal today. email me if you've got anything interesting to say (or just to tell me how much you love me!). by the way, should be up pretty soon now.

july 8, 1998
updated my journal page. and i just got my domain name registered ( and it will be up and operational soon. i'm leaving this site here. but all updates will occur to my new domain so links to new pages will go to there. actually, i'm considering changing the format of electra's web so i'm not quite sure yet what i'll be doing. but i'll let you know when it's up.

june 18, 1998
god, have you noticed all the geocities ads everywhere? i can't even go through my own website without having their interstitial ads flash at me all over the place. i hate it. and now they've got that little geocities thing that won't get off the page and just scrolls up and down with you. look, just look right now at the bottom right hand corner. you'll see a little geocities ghost. he won't leave you alone. can't wait to get my domain name all set up -- you can visit me in about a month at without any stinking geocities ads!

may 2, 1998
read my updated journal to find out what someone did in our bathroom (it was very naughty). and my apologies, but i've taken corrina's diary offline for the time being. i'm thinking of doing something serious with it. the old diary is still there if you want to view that - you can get to it off her diary page. thanks.

april 29, 1998
hey, read all about the hot "beverly hills 90210" episode on pornography in my journal, then go read some porn of your own in corrina's diary (she's just so damn naughty!).

april 28, 1998
updated my journal.

april 27, 1998
reorganized the fetish page since i added the corset page.

april 26, 1998
i've added that corset page i've been promising forever. i like it. i've got more to add to that. have you noticed the new design? i had to get rid of that black and purple background - too hard to read against. some of the pages haven't been converted over yet, so you'll still see it sometimes. corrina's diary has been updated as well. and i apologize for the banner ads that keep popping up when you visit some of my pages. i have no control over that - it's geocities' doing. but i'm going to be moving this site pretty soon so i (and you) won't have to deal with it. if you want to send me your email address so i can send you my new url when i get it, just email me.

april 20, 1998
updated my journal. and, as promised, corrina is back in full perverted force. and i'm getting together a mailing list for a new print 'zine i'm doing.

april 18, 1998
i updated my journal today and yesterday so you can see how the quitting smoking thing is going. and i swear to god i'm going to update corrina's diary. she was trying to get back on the straight and narrow path the last two years, but she's failed miserably. i've been in communication with her the past month and have lots of material to add to her page. so stick around.

april 15, 1998
well i guess i'm not out of space after all. all files are back in this site. new updates today to my journal and redesigned (just slightly) the fetish page. corsetry coming up soon. and i've got a po box where you can send stuff like pictures you want posted on the site or just you know, gifts and money you want to send me.

april 14, 1998
i'm back and i'm ready to update my site again. i've redone the me page, i've added some new links to the fetish links page, and i've added a new journal page which you can access off the me page. i've taken to using some space on my soho 1800 site cause i'm all out of space here so if you see links to that site, don't worry. as always, please email me - i've gotten so much better about responding, i swear!

february 20, 1998
I know I haven't done much with the site, but I have been keeping my fetish links page updated with new links that I get through email and think are worth putting up here. Enjoy. And as always, feel free to email me.

july 22, 1996 - august 8, 1997
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