today on electra's web <%=$p%>december 26, 1999:
god, what a hellish christmas. i've had the worst flu i've ever had in my entire life. i've spent the last week in bed, didn't finish my christmas shopping, didn't cook christmas dinner, didn't celebrate my birthday, ugh. haven't updated this site in a month. i'm old, i'm tired, and i'm sicker than hell. thank fucking god the holidays are almost over.

<%=$p%>november 25, 1999:
happy thanksgiving! hey our family thanksgiving actually turned out all right this year. something usually goes awry. let's see - last year we went to my grandma's house with the turkey and all this other crap we cooked and grandma wasn't home - we ended up at some stranger's house who just happened to be a friend of grandma's. another year, we didn't have dinner til midnight cause we didn't know what the hell we were going to do and ended up deciding to cook late into the day. this year, we started cooking early, started eating by 2:30 and i was out of there by 4. i guess that's pretty decent.

november 21, 1999
corrina and me.

<%=$p%>i got my car broken into friday night. i went down saturday morning to go to the gym in the morning and find the window rolled halfway down and the seat pulled all the way back. at first i thought "who the hell borrowed my car?", then realized that the glove compartment was open and someone had taken all the shit out of it. it scared me a bit at first. who knew what that person had done to my car while i was gone. all sorts of fantasies started forming in my head. then i got in, checked around and took off.

<%=$p%>but later i got to wondering what that person thought going through my car and my stuff. it's full of nothing but shit and trash. what did he think when he opened up my ashtray and found all those dirty cigarette butts? no ashes, no nicotene, just yellowed butts? what did he think when he grabbed all the change that was stuck together from the coffee and soda i'd spilled on it? what went through his mind when he tore that envelope open and found it had nothing but a tooth in it? empty water bottles, both clean and dirty napkins full of my ramblings and mental notes to myself, tiny dolls, opened candies. i guess he probably just thought i was a pig.

november 19, 1999

november 18, 1999
corrina is born.

november 15, 1999

november 14, 1999
corrina's past.

november 13, 1999
me - got my license back and reading some new books. corrina's heat.

<%=$p%>i finally got my license back. 2 weeks without a car was interesting - you really learn to appreciate it. i got pulled over a few saturdays ago for registration and it turned out my license had been suspended since february (due to a miscommunication). and i had no idea. my dad had to come pick me up on the side of the road across the street from my old high school and drive me to my C class. i walked to work a couple mornings - 5 miles. took me an hour and a half to get to work. luckily i managed to get a ride most mornings, but i hate having to depend on other people. self sufficiency is difficult to maintain when you can't drive yourself around.

october 30, 1999

october 26, 1999
updated me and corrina. aren't we one and the same?

the latest fucking news:

  • well i'm well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady. i've just taken on my third cat. which doesn't sound so bad, does it, but don't forget to take into account that i live in a studio and also own a rat whose now got a tumor almost the size of his head. and did you know in irvine, 3 is the limit on any one kind of animal? they regulate how many pets we can own. i've reached my cat limit. oh no. but before you think i've gone too far off into crazy cat lady territory, i'm looking for a good home for the beautiful kitty my sister couldn't take care of (i told her she wasn't allowed to have any more pets. none).
  • and i just got an invitation to my cousin's baby's 1st birthday on november 20. guess what's for lunch? barbequed hot dogs and burgers. only in fucking southern california can you have a birthday party in november and barbeque at the park. and only in so cal can it be the end of october and still be 90 fucking degrees outside.

october 19, 1999
finished the code book. corrina masturbates.

october 10, 1999
started reading the code book recently. updated the me page. corrina heartbroken.

i'm taking a c programming class this semester. the instructor is so awesome. hardcore militant type - don't be late to class, don't be a flake, do your assignments, and don't get put on his black list. he softens up later in the semester because he says he stops caring after the first four weeks, but he teaches you all the good shit the way you should learn it instead of the pussy way - by going chapter by chapter out of some lame book. i took his unix class last spring and he is so into what he does - it's that passion that makes him such a great instructor. the first day he told us when he walks, he walks with sun. i love it. he teaches at irvine valley college on saturday mornings. next semester he's dropping the c class and teaching java. i'm so looking forward to it.

october 4, 1999
corrina soft.

october 1, 1999
corrina's followed.

september 30, 1999
the site's back up. text only for now. will update tonight (when i'm not at work on company time :) 11:23 pm: whew - lots of updates - me (books/what's new). corrina finds her soul.

wow. this server move has been a bit of a nightmare. the server electra's web used to be on got shut down (its owner moved) so i had to bring it over to my server which meant upgrading linux to the newest kernel, configuring dns, and setting up apache and sendmail to do virtual domains. no problem, right? well email didn't work for a while and i couldn't figure out why, but the domain name resolved - the site wasn't up but there was a page that updated progress on the move. then i moved the site onto another server because my server's a tiny 486 with a 500 meg harddrive and didn't have much room left to really do anything. then that server got taken down so i decided to dump some shit off my box and put electra's web over here without the graphics for the time being. space is tight, but i'll upgrade the machine and the pretty pictures will be back sometime in the near future. i can live without the other sites for a little while, but not this one.

september 12, 1999
i've been busy since i got back from the o'reilly conference. the conference was awesome; monterey was beautiful. this was my second time at the monterey convention center and they are so impressive there. the doubletree hotel (where the conference center is located) and the mariott across the way (where some of the tutorials were held) both treat the conventioners quite well. if you ever get a chance to go to a conference there, go for it. website stuff - corrina updates to come soon.

august 20, 1999
well i'm off to the oreilly conference today - woohoo. i've been looking forward to this for months. i won't be going to burning man afterwards, though. but as a throwback to my hippy days, i'm going to go see phish mid september in san diego and irvine. don't laugh, but i'm actually really really excited about it.

august 17, 1999
corrina violent.

august 12, 1999
reading a new book. corrina bleeds.

august 11, 1999
corrina's birth.

august 8, 1999
updated me and corrina

august 3, 1999
updated about me. will probably update corrina later today.

my boyfriend told me last night that i'm much more passionate about inanimate objects (food, books, projects) than i am about living things (pets, boyfriend, child) which made me gleefully and heartily laugh. and then i realized it was true (but i still found it funny). and he's right - i'm a cold, heartless bitch.

august 2, 1999
updated the useless facts about me crap. i've become obsessed with this site. corrina edgy.

august 1, 1999
corrina starts off the new month. updated some general info about me.

july 31, 1999
corrina in love. updated me page and added new books section to the me page.

i fucking hate my neighbors. i don't know where they're from or what they're cooking, but i hate they way their place smells when i walk by it. their windows are always open. lately, they've been leaving the blinds open in one of their bedrooms. i can't see in there very well, but i imagine a small asian man sitting in the corner masturbating alone in that stinky, stuffy house. one time i saw the t.v. on playing nothing but static. a dark room filled with white noise. and a man sitting in the corner jacking off to madonna and shania twain. they have a dead tree by their front door. every night they methodically place a grocery bag full of trash in it. every night. in the summer, the area i live in becomes infested with ants. they are everywhere. the ants love their smelly trash.

july 30, 1999
corrina morbid.

july 29, 1999
corrina thoughtful.

july 27, 1999
corrina feasts again.

july 23, 1999
corrina afraid. updated the about me page.

i think my cat has a hair fetish. he curls up around my head whenever i'm lying down (on the bed, the floor, the couch) and plays with my hair with his paws and tries to eat it. i've had him bite my scalp before - not hard, though, he's very gentle which is what makes me think it's a fetish and not just play.

july 21, 1999
corrina sick.

july 20, 1999
more useless facts about me.

july 19, 1999
corrina feasts.

july 18, 1999
corrina poisoned. added "useless facts about electra" on the about me page.

july 17, 1999
corrina pines for the sun.

july 16, 1999
corrina in search of a mate. i've just started updating this site again, particularly corrina's diary - she's my soulmate. i've just recently finished another one as well - if you live in southern california, you might know of kroq radio, 106.7 fm. even if you don't, you might enjoy their weekly sex advice column, ralph U.

july 15, 1999
corrina strikes again. modified the "about me" page.

july 14, 1999
corrina awakens. my first week in a corset finally added to the corsets area.

march 11, 1999
hmm. the first real entry of the new year. this is pretty pathetic. at the urging of one fine visitor, i'm updating my site. i apologize for being neglectful. i've been working on a new gallery and am thinking of reformatting the whole site to be more undergarment oriented, but fetishly flavored, but don't know yet if i'll actually do it. i love underwear and think you all love it, too. i promise to get the gallery up soon. i've been very busy being a very bad me

january 9, 1999
added vollers link to corset links page. updated bad influence's entry in the US store directory.

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